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Feedback Group

B3i values feedback from the market on its development programme beyond its customers. Members are important contributors in providing this feedback. B3i would like to consult its members in this way to ensure that developments are kept in line with new and emerging needs of the market and customers.

This forum will enable members to discuss and exchange information on product and technical development and act as a sounding board for B3i development teams. Your feedback could help to actively shape our development programme. In the future, testing facilities may be created for our latest developments.

This benefit will be facilitated through webinars, online meetings and conference events. In some cases, bespoke groups will be created by product owners in dedicated development bootcamps. Members are also encouraged to offer new ideas and use cases for development.

Participation in this benefit will be broader than in Think Tanks depending on the subject matter (e.g. technical, functional, strategy, business). Members will also benefit from access to subject matter experts and this could extend to potential secondment engagements with B3i.

As an extension to this, B3i will be able to offer more bespoke education and ideation workshops for its members. Drawing on our fields of expertise, client-site activities could be arranged to aid knowledge building or be more specifically focused on brainstorming solutions or co-creation opportunities.

This benefit is bespoke with a negotiable fee depending on the project, resource requirement and time.