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Shaping the future of Blockchain

Publishing concept papers and articles

Members take leadership roles in initiatives

Think Tank

Blockchain is a very new technology which holds enormous potential but also challenges many current business models, regulations and market practices.

There are many strategies and questions yet to be considered as Blockchain developments become more prevalent. B3i is already taking a lead role in tackling many of these challenges for example, through engagement with regulators across the globe.

The B3i Community will create working groups to research and develop opinions on strategic issues. Through our thought leadership projects, members will be invited to participate in working groups. In some cases, members could take up leadership roles in these initiatives.

Members will gain advanced access to thought leadership, concept and positioning papers created through this forum as well as other documents from leading Blockchain and insurance experts. All intellectual property in the content is retained by B3i and may not normally be communicated to the media or disclosed externally without the prior consent of B3i.

In general, members will be approached to determine interest in new topics and will be able to nominate an employee to support an initiative. Such groups would not normally be larger than single figures. External experts may be involved where a certain specialism is needed.